Thing 3 : Using image banks

Using image banks is something I have though about  occasionally in the past when designing a poster or putting together a document. However most of the time I end up using photos I or one of my colleagues has taken or that we have had taken for us at work, as most of these documents are for my work. I started off this Thing by exploring Google Images, it's a really useful tool and I found one of my favourite library images on the labelled for reuse selection. The image is of Andrew Carnegie at the laying of the foundation stone of the Central Library in Waterford. You can see the it is serious civic occasion, Carnegie is wearing a top hat and the mayor is present in his chain of office and fur cloak. There are some ordinary working people there too, you can tell they know this is a momentous occasion for the City of Waterford.

Andrew Carnegie Laying foundation stone of Waterford Free Library, 19th Oct.1903,NLI Collection,no copyright restrictions

When y…
Thing 2: My visit to Stormen Library, Bodo, Norway.

What does a library inside the Arctic Circle look like ? In fact what does anything inside the Arctic Circle look like ? I travelled to the north of Norway to the Lofoten Islands last summer and although I      
didn't quite know what to expect, I really didn't expect the landscape to be like the west of Ireland ! Of course it had fjords, crystal clear waters, seagulls and the midnight sun too, so it was different in many ways but the similarity of the landscape and the plants was really striking.

Bodo is a boat ride (as was everything) from where I was staying. Stormen Library opened in 2014, and was designed by the British firm  DRDH Architects. It is an imposing building, with white columns interspersed by glass  at the front, and is part of a complex incorporating a concert hall .

The library is very spacious, full of Scandinavian style furniture and relaxed reading spaces. The interior decoration is a mixture of pale w…
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